Les Folies Bourgeoises is a Brussels nomadic concept: these exceptional evenings have been organized in various locations in Brussels (Mirano, jeux d’hiver, Gesù Church) and abroad (The Forge Miami Beach, Queen Club in Paris and Cirque Du Soir, London). Now new dates are coming up in New York, Marrakech, Athens, etc. The aim of the Folies Bourgeoises is to instill magic and glamour into a nightlife often limited to electro and minimalistic concepts. To do so, we select a theme where elegance and festive aspects are essential and we implement it by offering decorations, accessories and various performances to create a special environment. We are very much concerned about the well-being of our clients; therefore, according to the event, we provide hair dressers and make-up artists in order to maintain the glitz and glamour spirit which governs our parties. Many animations and art performances complete the magic of the Folies Bourgeoises such as air shows, fire-eaters, waders... We work with the best Brussels DJ’s to give our audience a musical environment of the best quality, and always festive.
Ce dimanche 16 avril 2017 (veille de jour férié), les dandys s’emparent des Folies Bourgeoises, combinant les règles de l’élégance et de l’originalité stylistique.
Nous vous entraînerons dans le monde du raffinement parsemé d’excentricités, pimentant une soirée des plus distinguées d’une pointe de folie.
Barbier, cireur de chaussures, coiffeur, relookeur, photographe et mixologiste fantasque feront de cette soirée un moment d’exception.
Dress code: tenue distinguée exigée, dandy souhaitée

La direction se réserve le droit d’entrée
Entrée: 20 euros (sans invitation)

Walking dinner: 35 euros (réservation)
This Sunday April 16, 2017 (day before a bank holiday), the Dandys will empire the "Folies Bourgeoises" in combination with the rules of elegance and the stylistic originality.

We will take you into the world of refinement strewn with eccentricities, spicing up one of the most distinguished parties with a little bit of madness.

Barbers, shoe polisher, hairdresser, relooker, photographer and a fantastic mixologist will make of this party an exclusive event.

Dress code: distinguished, dandy.
The management reserves the right of entrance Entry: 20 euro (without initiation)
Walking dinner: 35 euro (reservations)